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A domain name may be as important to your business as your company name. You need a domain name that accurately and succinctly describes your product or service category and is easy for people to remember.

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  • There is a huge land rush of domain name registration going on. It will soon be impossible to find any domain name that is sensible and relevant to your business, leaving you to come up with a nonsensical or cryptic domain name. Or paying a small fortune to get the name you want.

    How to Buy a Compelling Domain
    1. Click your domain of interest.
    2. Click the For Sale link and complete the form.
    3. Once price is agreed upon, send money via PayPal.
    4. Domain ownership is then transferred to you!

    Why Your Domain Name Matters
    The first impression online visitors will have is your domain name. It must be simple, sensible and easy to remember. It must also accurately convey the product or service you sell for your market audience. It must convey credibility and authority.

    The Real Estate of the Web
    Domain names are the real estate of the Web. It is where your online presence starts. There is a huge land grab of domain names taking place. The best ones either are, or will soon be, gone.

    Keywords and Search Engines
    The best domain names contain the most relevant keywords that visitors are searching on to find you. This has value in terms of ranking and mindshare.

    Domain Name Best Practices
    1) .COM domains are king
    2) Use Keywords in domain
    3) The shorter, the better
    4) No dashes or numbers
    5) Descriptive meaning

    The Heavy Thinking is Done
    We use keyword research and market analysis tools to come up with and secure the most compelling domains for a variety of markets. Get your own compelling domain, before your competition does...

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